Have you been blessed by giving to someone else?

Courier editor Rudy Gray tells the story of when he was a youth director at his home church and took a group of kids out for an evening of miniature golf and hamburgers at McDonalds.  Even though he’d told the teens to bring enough cash for the outing, one of the girls did not, and […]

Thanksgiving Is Always in Season

I dearly enjoy the Thanksgiving season, even though so much of it in our culture has little to do with giving thanks — and even less with thanking God. In fact, it’s relatively easy to enjoy the holiday season and put together a great Thanksgiving Day meal — when compared with the challenge of obeying […]

In Your Interest: Children’s Inheritance

Many people today look forward to retirement, and are working hard to save money for that day. Hopefully, you will retire with plenty to live on, and not have to worry about depleting your savings during your lifetime. If that is the case, then your children will stand to inherit a nice sum of money, […]

Viewpoint: Should churches have stand-and-greet times?

I conducted a Twitter poll (not scientific, I assure you) asking first-time church guests what factors made them decide not to return. In listing the top 10 in order of frequency (http://thomrainer.com/2014/11/01/top-ten-ways-churches-drive-away-first-time-guests), I was surprised that the number one issue guests don’t like is a time to stand and greet one another. So what is […]

Sunday Dinner: Squash Casserole

Hearty menus increase as the thermometer reading decreases, but one meal a day — whatever time of year — needs its vegetables, so try squash. There must be a dozen or more recipes called “Squash Casserole,” and you will like this one. One of the good things about this vegetable is that local squash are […]

Fresh Ideas: A Hashtag Thanksgiving

Try this simple, fun way to inspire church members to give thanks to God this Thanksgiving season. Use it for your entire church, or adapt it to fit a Bible study group or family Thanksgiving celebration. Step 1:  Use white, legal-size card-stock paper to print a sign with huge black letters reading “#ThankYouGod.” (The hashtag […]

With Thanksgiving for the Local Church

The local church in America gets a bad rap. And in many ways, the negative news is warranted. You’ve seen the dire trends and statistics. You’ve read about the moral failures of many church leaders. We certainly don’t need to have our proverbial head in the sand about the dire state of our churches. But […]

Christian Worldview and Apologetics: The Bible and Slavery

Many people, believers included, are troubled that slavery was practiced in both the Old and New testaments. Much of this uneasiness results from failure to note that not all slavery is created equal. While slavery is “the state of one bound in servitude,” details of the practice have varied from time to time and culture […]

Comic Belief: Don’t Be a Carbon Copy

God loves you and has a plan for your life. The problem is, other people who don’t love you also have a plan for your life. It’s pretty tough being what God designed you to be — especially among people who seem to think God made all of us as divine duplicates. When my wife […]

Outside the Walls: Thanksgiving Talks

Nanny’s house is a special place. My wife’s extended family floods Nanny’s modest home every Thanksgiving, and we are greeted with her love, kindness and hospitality. She makes all of us feel so special and creates an environment for us to connect. Sometimes we see family members we haven’t seen since Christmas. We eat in […]