Warnings for Church Leaders Who Use Social Media

Those of you who read my blog or listen to my podcasts know I am a strong proponent of social media. I have seen many good things take place on the various platforms available. I have seen the Gospel clearly shared and embraced on social media. But this social media is a two-edged sword. It […]

Southern Baptist churches must reach, baptize and disciple young adults

I am burdened by the fact that 80 percent of our 46,125 Southern Baptist Churches reported reaching and baptizing only 0-1 young adults according to the recent Pastors’ Task Force on SBC Evangelistic Impact and Declining Baptisms report released late spring. This means that 36,900 Southern Baptist Churches baptized zero to one young adult in an entire […]

Anderson University a treasure house of learning in our own backyard

Writer: Alexander Campbell, Special to the Anderson Independent-Mail This is a tale of two universities. Both were founded as distinctly evangelical Christian institutions, one in 1636 the other in 1911. The motto of one was “Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae,” or “Truth for Christ and the Church.” The motto of the other is “Humanitatem per crucem […]

Outside the Walls: Why Literacy Matters for the Church

I met a drug dealer named Chris in Great Falls who used to go to church. All the kids from the streets loved him. He knew the importance of reaching the next generation and spent time with them, especially the fatherless and those who struggle in school. His desire was to help them have a […]

Christian Worldview and Apologetics: The Great Commission for Us

There are certain Bible verses most evangelical Christians know. There’s John 3:16. Who doesn’t know about how God so loved the world? The mere mention of John 3:16 brings “amens,” fells giants and ends all theological debate. Genesis 1:1 has that power, too. “In the beginning God created” … and we’ve been quoting it ever […]

Comic Belief: Leave It to Beaver

A college president friend of mine called and asked me, “Do you believe in free speech?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Good. Do you believe in education?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Good. I want you to make a free speech for education at my university.” On this particular occasion I agreed. One of the […]

Wholly Healthy: Can Grandmother Be Admitted?

So you take your grandmother to the hospital. She fell and has severe back pain. After a long, exhausting ER visit, it turns out she doesn’t have any broken bones. Nevertheless, she just can’t seem to stand up without terrible discomfort. It’s probably muscular, but walking is very difficult for her. She lives alone, so […]

Where Should I Send My Kids to School?

Pastor, where should I send my kids to school? As pastor to many young families, I get this question quite often, and I think it’s a question well worth asking. I also believe a pastor must be very wise in his answer. Like anyone, pastors have preferences, past experiences, and convictions based on their own […]

Sunday Dinner: Layered Lettuce Salad

Every household and every restaurant serves them. People living alone or large families serve them. Some say green “salat” — others say mixed salad, fresh salad, tossed salad, garden salad, etc. Regardless of the name you use, this dish is part of the menu for every household and restaurant, with the recipe varying based on […]

Letter to the Editor: Courier classified ads effective

I want to thank The Baptist Courier staff for the service you provide to South Carolina Baptists. Recently I discovered again the wide reach The Courier possesses. I placed an ad in your classified section regarding a trip to Israel and experienced great returns. It proved to be an effective means of advertising. I suggest […]