Gym Renovation Enables ‘Healing Through Fitness’ at Connie Maxwell

Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries offers children a holistic approach to healing from trauma. The MaxFit Health and Wellness program — led by Lauren Boyd, an ACSM-certified personal trainer, in a newly renovated gym — is one way Connie Maxwell will achieve this goal. Before arriving at Connie Maxwell, Boyd managed a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) […]

Courier Hires New Social Media Manager/Reporter

The Baptist Courier’s staff continues to grow and expand as the historic paper seeks to adapt to present media realities while also laying the foundation for a healthy future in an ever-changing Christian publishing market. Mary Margaret Flook, 21, who graduated last month from North Greenville University with a bachelor’s degree in communications, joined the […]

Impact of Church’s Gift Being Felt Across the Globe

Church makes impact on mission mobilization A small, rural church in lower South Carolina has made a huge impact on mission mobilization. Members of George’s Creek Baptist in Olar “felt convicted to not hold on to financial resources in reserve and to release these resources for kingdom impact,” said Lee Clamp, associate executive director-treasurer of […]

Gap Hill Pastor Also Celebrating Over Six Decades

Whitman has served his congregation for 62 years South Carolina apparently has at least two Baptist pastors who have served their congregations for 60 years or more. After reading the article in December about the Eureka pastor who was celebrating 60 years in the same pulpit, Terreca Merck told The Courier about her dad, Boyce […]

Want a Miserable Life? Confuse Law and Gospel

What if your church’s elders passed down a fiat that members couldn’t take more than 1,999 steps on the Lord’s Day without facing church discipline? Just one more step would represent a long trip — a no-no on the day God set aside for worship. What if they said you could not carry your Bible […]

Summit Helps Students ‘Catch a Glimpse of God’s Glory’

Event encourages participation in the Great Commission Seeing God’s glory inspires obedience to the Great Commission. Many students caught that vision by attending Summit. Summit is a four-day missions and evangelism intensive that encourages mature high school students to participate in the Great Commission. From Dec. 29, 2023–Jan. 1, 2024, at Camp LaVida, students attended […]

Biblical Typology: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

In preaching a sermon a few years ago on Numbers 20, we ran into something known as typology. As it has been variously defined in church history, typology occurs in the Bible when an historical person, event, or institution — in this case, a water-giving rock — foreshadows the coming Son of God. As with […]

Stories of faithfulness highlight WMU board meeting

From Alaska to Maine, nearly 200 missions leaders from across the country gathered on Missionary Ridge in Birmingham for WMU’s January board meeting, Jan. 6-8. Sandy Wisdom-Martin, executive director of national WMU, said often when you hear mission speakers, they tell you inspirational story after story of amazing ways they’ve seen God at work in […]