52 Object Lessons for Students

Using Ordinary Items to Teach God’s Word

By Sidney Leasure

Genres: Bible Study, Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 978-1-940645-77-3

62 Pages


Making use of things that can be found in most any home, Sidney Leasure has written a small book full of big ideas for teachers and leaders who are seeking creative ways to introduce children and youth to the Bible’s eternal truths.

“52 Object Lessons for Students: Using Ordinary Items to Teach God’s Word” is the result of Leasure’s 25 years of experience serving in children’s and youth ministry.

“As a youth minister, I searched for a long time but could not find a book with object lessons using easy-to-find items,” said Leasure, “so I decided to write my own.”

The lessons are fun but also make kids think, he said. In one lesson, for example, students will be blindfolded and sent looking for a Snickers bar (to illustrate their need for “spiritual eyes in order to find heaven”); in another, they will try to put toothpaste back in the tube (to remind them that hurtful words cannot be taken back). Every lesson is based in Scripture and drives home the Word of God. The author hopes the book will “lead one more young person to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

Leasure was an Awana commander, taught in the Good News Club and Royal Ambassadors, and was a youth minister for nine years. He worked as a manager of a hydroelectric plant for 30 years before retiring. He and his wife, Donna, live in Donalds, S.C., and are members of Grace Memorial Baptist Church in Anderson.

“52 Object Lessons for Students” is available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other online book providers.