A Journey to Christ Through the Tabernacle

By Leonard Carter

Genres: Bible Study, History, Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 9781940645582 (softcover) 9781940645599 (hardcover)

218 pages (softcover) 258 pages (hardcover) Pages

$21.95 (softcover) $34.95 (hardcover) $44.95 (both)

Courier Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of “A Journey to Christ Through the Tabernacle.”

Since 1965, the book’s author, Leonard Carter, has devoted himself to studying the Tabernacle, the place where God’s presence dwelled among the Israelites during their time in the wilderness. Carter’s in-depth study of Scripture as well as the writings of Old Testament scholars (particularly the work of R.H. Mount Jr.), coupled with his heartfelt desire to bring Christian believers to a deeper understanding of Jesus as revealed in the Tabernacle, led him to write the book.

Leonard Carter

“The Old and New Testaments together offer a clear revelation of God’s love to us,” Carter writes, “revealing Jesus Christ in minute detail as found in the design, materials, colors, furnishings and worship in the Tabernacle. This intimate revelation of God’s Son is designed to lead to repentance and a life surrendered to serving Jesus Christ our Lord.

“The Tabernacle structure is a foreshadow of better things to come — not the exact image, but images that identify who the Messiah is. These images from the Tabernacle reveal Jesus as the Lamb of God, the Word, the Tabernacle, the Bread, the Betrayed One, the Rejected One, the Better High Priest — and the list goes on.”

With more than 100 color charts and illustrations, “A Journey to Christ Through the Tabernacle” is available in softcover (218 pages, $21.95) and an expanded hardcover edition (258 pages, $34.95). A package containing both softcover and hardcover editions is available directly from the author for $44.95; Carter hopes buyers will use the softcover as a witnessing tool to share with a friend or family member.

To purchase directly from the author, email carter.leonard@att.net or call 864-845-5329. The book will also be available for purchase at major online booksellers, including Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com, starting June 1.