A Pilgrim’s Prayers

By Douglas Wyant

Genres: Poetry, Prayer, Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 978-1-955295-00-0

94 Pages


A cancer diagnosis in March 2018 prompted Douglas Wyant to write the prayer-poems collected in “A Pilgrim’s Prayers.” His short, sincere prayers were written in response to the Scripture he read during his recuperation from surgery and chemotherapy. Here is a sample prayer request:

Rescue Me

O LORD, I cry out to you
from the depths of despair.
Have mercy on me, LORD.
Have mercy on me.
Lift me out of this dark pit,
set my feet on solid ground,
and steady me, LORD,
as we walk along together.

Wyant says, “I hope ‘A Pilgrim’s Prayers’ will encourage my fellow pilgrims in their walk with the Lord, especially through adverse circumstances.”

Although Wyant has been writing for more than fifty years (his first story was published in Home Life in 1966), “A Pilgrim’s Prayers” is his first book.