All About the Miracles

A Book of Poems and Other Contemplations on God’s Holy Word

By Mayna Cosby

Genres: Inspirational, Poetry

ISBN: 978-1-940645-83-4

92 Pages


For anyone who grew up in Sunday school, the stories of Jesus’ miracles are familiar: turning water into wine, banishing a demon, healing a blind man, speaking a storm out of existence.

These extraordinary yet familiar stories may be so matter-of-factly accepted that readers cease to be astonished by the depth of love to which they testify.

Mayna Cosby

Mayna Cosby is out to change that. In “All About the Miracles: A Book of Poems and Other Contemplations on God’s Holy Word,” she seeks to dig deeper into the stories, focusing not just on the miracles themselves, but on the one who performed them.

“We look with amazement into that magnanimous heart of Jesus,” she writes, “and are awed by His radical love, depth of compassion, and His forgiveness unto salvation.”

“All About the Miracles” is a fresh take on a familiar collection of Bible stories. For the reader, Cosby’s poems and other writings may serve to open a new window onto the miracle-maker Himself. A lifelong South Carolinian, Cosby graduated from Erskine College and earned a master’s degree in teaching from The Citadel. She taught for many years, ending her career at Lambs Elementary School in Charleston. She is a member of Charleston Southern University’s Legacy Society and provides annual scholarships for needy Christian students. She is the author of a previous book, “Granny Rabbit’s Gooseberry Pie: Stories and Poems.”

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