Beaver Creek Baptist Church

Serving the Saviour for Over 200 Years

By Mike Hammond

Genres: Church, History

ISBN: 978-1-940645-73-5

314 Pages


From the author:

Writing a partial history of Beaver Creek Baptist Church in Heath Springs, S.C., has been a wonderful opportunity and privilege for me to give back to the community of faith that I know and love. The people of this church have graciously given their approval and support. This writing affords me the opportunity to exercise my faith and observe the work of the Holy Spirit in action.

I shall never forget that third Sunday in November 1989. I came down Stoneboro Road. I drove by the old oak tree at the edge of the parking lot and parked my car. I found the congregation that greeted me that day as a very cordial and receptive people, open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in whatever direction He led them. As a response, I felt called to be cordial and receptive to them.

By doing so, we all embodied the Baptist doctrines of “the priesthood of the believer” and “the autonomy of the church.” These doctrines were and are an integral part of any Southern Baptist church. In less than a year after I came to Beaver Creek to supply the pulpit, I was called to be the pastor of the church. So, when I say that I want to give back to this church, please understand that it is about showing gratitude to the people of Beaver Creek for all the things they have done for me.

As we begin to look at the history of this church, I am conscious of many of the components that make up the history. Some of these components are very positive and affirming; other parts are negative. This church is not about failures; it is about faith, a belief in the Heavenly Father and in the person and work of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is about being “the good Samaritan” in the time of someone’s needs. It is about reaching beyond the bounds of self and sacrificing our personal or social connections.

As you read these pages, please understand that this book is a “partial” history and that not everyone could be part of the pictures disclosed herein. I hope that all who read this book will receive a special blessing and will be challenged and encouraged to do what God has called them to do both for Beaver Creek Baptist Church and for the Kingdom of God.