Blessed Is the Man

A Legacy of Faith and Family Values

By Donald Darnell Harper

Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational, Memoir

ISBN: 978-1-940645-41-4

190 Pages


Courier Publishing is pleased to announce the release of “Blessed Is the Man: A Legacy of Faith and Family Values,” by Donald Darnell Harper.

In this loving tribute to his parents, punctuated with life lessons rooted in Scripture, the author shares the spiritual values passed on to him by Lloyd and Walter Mae Harper. The example they provided him and his twelve siblings grounded him in his faith and propelled him to professional success as a vice president with a Fortune 100 company.

Harper grew up in the segregated South on the cusp of the Civil Rights movement. In the midst of trying times, his parents’ simple formula for life — faith, humility, wisdom and love — taught him everything he needed to know about becoming a Christ-follower and a respecter of all men. “The lessons learned while living and working together on the farm have stayed with me and continue to impact the way I live my life,” he says.

“Blessed Is the Man” is more than just a collection of stories about an African-American family in rural Alabama, but also includes “testimonies to the goodness and provision of the Almighty God,” Harper says. “The love and grace He showed us is the same that He shows all His children.”

Harper’s book is available for $14.95 at,, or your favorite online book seller by searching “Donald Darnell Harper.”

An interview with Harper, in which he talks about his upbringing and the values his parents passed on to him, can be viewed at