Daniel: Courage in Chaos

By Ken Clayton

Genres: Bible Study, Faith, Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 978-1-955295-12-3

130 Pages


Author Ken Clayton was moved to write Daniel: Courage in Chaos when he realized the amazing similarities between Daniel’s time and the chaos in our time. And, just as Daniel found the courage to face the chaos in his life, so can we.

“Daniel was uprooted from his old familiar surroundings and traveled across the desert to the large city of Babylon,” explains Clayton, a retired pastor in the Nashville area, in his latest book. “The language was different, the customs were different, the religion was different, and the food was different. All that Daniel had known was gone. Daniel was separated from the Temple, separated from Jerusalem, his family, his friends, and his old neighborhood.”

So, how was Daniel able to not only to survive but thrive in the midst of this chaos? “In the chaos,” Clayton notes, “Daniel exhibited great courage.” His courage, he explains, came through having a strong faith in God Almighty.

“In the Book of Daniel, we see the faith of Daniel exhibited in extreme circumstances,” Clayton asserts. “Daniel wanted others to know that the Lord God Almighty was the only true God and that He ruled in the affairs of humanity.”

Clayton is the author of 7/7 The Key to Understanding the Gospel of John.