I Kiss You with a Prayer!

By Wayne Brown

Genres: Children's Books, Illustrated, Inspirational, Poetry

ISBN: 978-1-940645-79-7

24 Pages


First a poem, and now an illustrated book, I Kiss You with a Prayer! is a father’s unbridled expression of gratitude for the gift of children in his life.

The book opens on a scene of a father on his knees, praying beside the crib of his sleeping daughter, with this verse: “At night when you are sleeping, and you don’t even know I’m there, I kneel beside your bed, and I kiss you with a prayer!” It closes on a scene of a family viewed in silhouette through a snow-laced window — parents, children and grandchildren — gathered in prayer around a Thanksgiving table.

And in between, at both ordinary and special times in their lives (Christmas mornings, boarding the school bus, their wedding days), the father is there, asking God to protect his daughters and reminding them of how deeply they are loved — by their Heavenly Father, and by their parents.

Author Wayne Brown, former pastor of Myrtle Beach First Baptist Church, says two of the happiest days of his life were when his daughters, Meri Beth and Molly, were born. “I marveled as I watched them grow,” he said. “I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God for His wonderful gifts and for giving me the blessed privilege of being their father.” Today the Browns’ family has grown to include two sons-in-law and three grandchildren.

Wayne and Joy Brown, who live in Myrtle Beach, have served churches in North Carolina, New Jersey and South Carolina. In 2008, they launched Diversified Ministries. The four areas of their ministry are missions, evangelism, ministerial support, and the development of Christian literature and resources. Joy has written or coauthored 12 books.

“I Kiss You with a Prayer!” is illustrated by April Bensch, an artist, musician and author with an art studio in Murrells Inlet. Bensch has created sets for movies and made artwork for the United States Embassy in Helsinki.

Proceeds from I Kiss You with a Prayer! will support the ongoing work of Diversified Ministries. To purchase a signed copy of the book, email the author at Wayne@WayneandJoyBrown.com, call 843-796-0397, or write to Diversified Ministries, PO Box 70777, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29572.

For more information about the Browns, visit WayneandJoyBrown.com.