Learning to Fly

By Timothy Coker

Genres: Christian Living, Devotional, Inspirational

ISBN: 978-1-940645-69-8

118 Pages


Timothy Coker wants everyone to learn to fly. He believes it’s what God intends for us.

In his new book, “Learning to Fly,” Coker observes, “There’s a big difference in traveling by air and flying.” 

The pastor of Central Baptist Church of Darlington, S.C., for the past 24 years explains, “Those who fly … are different. They laugh. They eat. They browse. They eat. They watch others. They enjoy the scenery. They eat!”

Unlike travelers who dread the experience, flyers take delight in the trip, he notes. “It’s as if they are privy to a secret that no one else knows. Someone has taught them how to enjoy travel, and it’s not fair!”

So, in “Learning to Fly,” Coker assumes the role of flight instructor, sharing their secret with the rest of us. “Let’s go flying,” he urges readers.

“Imagine a life where you rise above your negative circumstances, soar above the issues, both personal and situational, that rob you of the joy that should be yours,” Coker writes. “Imagine a life where you not only fly, but you are in the cockpit and God is your co-pilot.” 

Coker says his prayer for the 118-page book is that “God will teach you the secret of navigating life.” The first half of his book deals with internal things that prevent one from flying, before he deals with the external things in the second half. 

“Wouldn’t it be nice to soar above your world … or circumstances … or problems … or doubts? Can you imagine being able to fly?” Coker asks.

“God has a plan for you, and it is good!”