Life, the Great Educator

By Dicky McCuen

Genres: Memoir, Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 978-1-955295-17-8

128 Pages


If you live long enough, there probably comes a time when you ask, “Where did the time go?” Father, pastor, writer and golfing-partner-at-the-ready Dicky McCuen ponders that question and others in Life, the Great Educator.

With humor and spiritual discernment, the author looks back at seven decades that have “disappeared like steam off a hot pot of green beans,” mixing in timeless scriptural wisdom to draw important lessons for living. Tales of a simple rural upbringing, combined with the painful retelling of missteps in adulthood and the crushing loss of his wife to cancer, paint a familiar picture for anyone who has known the highs and lows of life.

Woven throughout McCuen’s narrative is the unshakable presence of God — always there, but manifesting itself unmistakably and supernaturally in the mists of the Saluda River on an otherwise ordinary day. It is God’s constant presence that has made all the difference for a man who has sought to “love as Jesus loved and live as Jesus lived” — and to proclaim that message to everyone he meets.

Dicky McCuen began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at age nine. He has been pastor of WayCross Baptist Church near Pelzer, South Carolina, since 2013. He attended Woodmont High School, Greenville Technical College and OBC Bible College. He served for eight years in the South Carolina National Guard and worked for Greenville County Schools for forty-seven years.