Sand Dollar Cove


By Todd and Michelle Deaton

Genres: Children's Books, Illustrated

ISBN: 9781940645759 (softcover) and 9781940645780 (hardcover)

52 Pages

$11.95 (softcover) and $18.95 (hardcover)

Most of the stories that appear in The Baptist Courier originate in the communities, towns and cities of South Carolina. But from 2000 to 2006, the magazine carried more than 100 stories coming out of Sand Dollar Cove.

“It’s not a place that you can find on any map of the state, but we believe that Sand Dollar Cove will make its own place in the hearts and imaginations of children who are invited by The Courier to enter a special world just for them,” editor emeritus Don Kirkland explained.

First discovered by managing editor Todd Deaton and his wife, Michelle, Sand Dollar Cove is inhabited by Seamore Seahorse and his friends — Lenny Lobster, Crusty Crab, Sunny Starfish, Syd Squid, and others. In each of their exciting tales, the “Cove Kids” discover important life lessons and biblical values. Through their sea adventures, mazes, crosswords and activities, children encounter some of the rich treasures the Bible offers. The Cove adventures, however, are intended not only to entertain, but also to lead children to a greater interest in the Bible and an awareness of how Scripture applies to their lives.

The Cove adventures are marvelously illustrated by Thomas Addison, then a middle school art teacher in Williamston. His talent helped the Cove Kids come to life for thousands of children and the young-at-heart who followed their adventures regularly. 

We hope our readers will enjoy this first collection of the Sand Dollar Cove stories — and that those who looked forward to reading the Cove Kids’ adventures as children will rediscover Sand Dollar Cove and share the stories with their own kids and grandkids.