To the Ends of the Earth

God Expands Our Lives in Ministry

By Edd L. Brown

Genres: Autobiography, Memoir

ISBN: 978-1-940645-34-6

488 Pages


In “Only God Knows,” the first half of his captivating autobiography, Edd Brown told the story of his tough start in life — born on the cusp of the Great Depression and labeled “the runt” by his grandfather.

Despite his challenging beginnings, Brown grew up with a fiery determination to make something of himself. He enlisted in the Navy during World War II and later became a successful pastor and men’s ministry executive serving Southern Baptists in California.

Now, in his follow-up, “To the Ends of the Earth,” the author invites readers to join him and Flo — his beloved wife and faithful partner in ministry — as they travel to 32 countries in their retirement years, obeying God’s call to missions and serving the thousands of individuals they encounter along the way.

“Our life has been a series of steps that God has used to prepare us for our expanded lives of ministry to people in many different countries,” said Brown. “Neither Flo nor I had any idea that our earlier experiences were preparation for this new period in which we are privileged to live.”

“To the Ends of the Earth” is a vibrant account of Edd and Flo Brown’s life of ministry in their golden years and is a sure-footed follow-up to “Only God Knows.”

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