Unbelief Within the Church

Confronting a Fruitless Faith

By Keith Davis

Genres: Christian Living, Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 978-1-940645-23-0

77 Pages


In “Unbelief Within the Church: Confronting a Fruitless Faith,” author and pastor Keith Davis tackles the premise that one of the greatest sins in the Church today is unbelief.

“As long as this sin prevails in local assemblies,” Davis says, “the Church will not be made up of Spirit-filled followers of God.”

“The question is not if we believe in God. Rather, when God says something in His Word, do we believe Him?”
In his brief but powerful book, Davis asserts that if Christ’s followers seek to be what the Bible says they should be, they will have to honestly confront their own disbelief. In so doing, he says, their lives — and their churches — will experience revolutionary change.

Don Wilton, pastor of Spartanburg First Baptist Church and founder of “The Encouraging Word,” says Davis “writes from an incredibly engaged heart that combines the practice of his pastoral ministry with his deep passion to help the church negotiate the fine line that exists between the church attender and the born-again believer.”

Davis, a former police sergeant, left a 12-year career in law enforcement in 1993 to pursue God’s calling to become a church pastor. Today, he leads Zion Hill Baptist Church in Spartanburg.

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