Worry: The Silent Killer

By James Rudy Gray

Genres: Christian Living, Self-Help, Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 978-1-940645-00-1

90 Pages


James R. Gray

James R. Gray

While not listed as the official cause of demise on most death certificates, worry continues to be a major negative influence on overall health and, in fact, is a significant contributing factor to early death for many people.

In “Worry: The Silent Killer,” James Rudy Gray presents practical insights, scriptural principles, biblical stories and solid psychological truths in this short book, which can help people identify worry, develop a faith-empowered response to it, and avoid its crippling effects.

Gray holds five earned degrees and is a National Board-certified counselor. He was a pastor for 37 years and worked as a counselor for 24 years during that time.

A former president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, he is currently serving as editor and president of The Courier, the news and feature magazine of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

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