Ramadan prayer guide available for download

A stab of hunger pain — it’s hours until Iftar, the meal when the fast is broken. A dry, scratchy throat, raspy for a drink of water. Saliva will have to do unless you are very devout and don’t swallow your spit at all. From sunrise to sundown, Muslims fast from food, drink, smoking and […]

Week of Prayer: IMB commits to loving and serving during times of disaster

Natural disasters can strike anytime and anywhere. They leave millions of people in need. Those in the path of storms, earthquakes or hurricanes often find themselves hungry, homeless and hopeless. Thanks to the long-term commitment of Southern Baptists, missionaries can respond quickly to unexpected disasters with more than physical assistance. Missionaries understand the greatest need […]

Week of Prayer: Calling realized through relationships

Rose had a passion to reach a people group situated in the Horn of Africa. Accessing them was another question altogether. She knew she couldn’t do it alone. Rose is a member of a church in Mexico and a teacher by trade. As she grew in relationship with church leadership, they pointed her to the […]

Week of Prayer: Project 3000 researches, pursues people on edge of lostness

Planes, trains, buses, motorcycles, cars and boats will get them as close as possible before setting off on foot to find hidden people groups. International Mission Board missionaries are going the extra mile, quite often literally. Why? “We’re going to the deepest part of lostness, the place where nobody is looking for these folks, to […]