Sunday Dinner: Peach Cobbler

Our neighbor to the south calls itself the Peach State, but we here in our beautiful South Carolina know both in our hearts and statistically that we produce more peaches than they do. However, we are polite and kind people, and won’t make an issue of it. What we do want to do is to […]

Wholly Healthy: Shaping Safe Lives for Our Children

Our children learn in many ways. They learn, of course, in school. They learn from what they see on television and the Internet. (Heaven help us.) They learn from what we tell them as parents, and they learn from the way we live. In fact, we are walking, talking billboards that our children watch and […]

Comic Belief: Family Trips

We took many family trips. The other day I was thinking about root canals, leprosy, IRS audits and family trips. I think it was Churchill who said, “We have fought in the valleys, by the rivers, and on the mountain.” That sounds a lot like some of our family trips. First of all, I have […]

Remember to Care

Jeffrey Baldwin was an innocent 5-year-old boy who died from septic shock and bacterial pneumonia caused by prolonged starvation. This happened while he was in the care of his grandmother and her common-law husband. Jeffrey’s case has been called the worst case of child abuse in Canadian history. His story is one of tragedy, abuse, […]

Outside the Walls: Why Literacy Matters for the Church

I met a drug dealer named Chris in Great Falls who used to go to church. All the kids from the streets loved him. He knew the importance of reaching the next generation and spent time with them, especially the fatherless and those who struggle in school. His desire was to help them have a […]

Christian Worldview and Apologetics: The Great Commission for Us

There are certain Bible verses most evangelical Christians know. There’s John 3:16. Who doesn’t know about how God so loved the world? The mere mention of John 3:16 brings “amens,” fells giants and ends all theological debate. Genesis 1:1 has that power, too. “In the beginning God created” … and we’ve been quoting it ever […]

Comic Belief: Leave It to Beaver

A college president friend of mine called and asked me, “Do you believe in free speech?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Good. Do you believe in education?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Good. I want you to make a free speech for education at my university.” On this particular occasion I agreed. One of the […]

Wholly Healthy: Can Grandmother Be Admitted?

So you take your grandmother to the hospital. She fell and has severe back pain. After a long, exhausting ER visit, it turns out she doesn’t have any broken bones. Nevertheless, she just can’t seem to stand up without terrible discomfort. It’s probably muscular, but walking is very difficult for her. She lives alone, so […]