Outside the Walls: The Responsibility of Freedom

Her fingers slowly tied the yellow ribbon around the wire fence. It was a ritual she had done every morning, month after month, as she walked in the early morning around the farm. The field was glistening with morning dew in stark contrast to the desert where her son was currently stationed. The ribbon represented […]

Wholly Healthy: We All Need More Sleep

I have spent a great deal of my career working at night and sleeping during the day. At one point, I worked full-time night shifts for roughly seven years. Near the end of that adventure, my wife, Jan, said, “You have to stop. You aren’t healthy and you aren’t happy, and the kids have noticed […]

From the Editor: Faith and Freedom

Can a Christian also be patriotic? I am a Christian and a patriot. I love Christ Jesus and I love America. It is possible to love God and country. Michael Bryant, dean of the School of Christian Studies at Charleston Southern University, said recently, “I don’t think that showing love for one’s country or region […]

Comic Belief: Free Ties

My oldest daughter went to a private university. Private universities don’t charge tuition. They just say, “Send all the money you have.” And they had taken all I had. During these college days, I had a speaking engagement and was hoping for a good honorarium to help me pay for the tuition. But when my […]

Christian Worldview: How Do We Know That God Exists?

How do we know things? For example, how do you know which flavor of ice cream tastes best? You sample some different flavors and identify the one that is most pleasing. (Which is bound to be chocolate chip, of course.) That kind of knowing by personal experience is pretty basic. Then there is knowing that […]

Sunday Dinner: Mama’s Scalloped Oysters

We are continuing our bow to South Carolina’s long coast line and fishing/seafood industry. Years ago, you couldn’t have had today’s dish during the summer because oysters were usually not available in months that didn’t contain the letter “r.” Now, because of the commercial freezing industry, we can have oysters the year round. The next […]

In Your Interest: Estate Planning — What Is It?

Have you ever received an invitation to a free lunch or dinner from a financial institution, encouraging you to listen to their presentation on estate planning? You probably thought it wasn’t worth your time, because only wealthy people need estate plans. Actually EVERYONE needs one. So what is an estate plan anyway? It is a […]

Is Biblical Preaching Relevant Today?

What helps Americans grow in their faith? Most who are reading this would probably include in their answer the study of God’s Word and being involved in church. However, a recent survey by Barna Research dealt with that question. Church was not in the top 10. Over half of the respondents said attending church was […]

Sunday Dinner: Ritzy Shrimp Bake

We should eat more fish. Jesus and his group spent time fishing, and on one occasion he cooked fish for his special 12. We may not all enjoy fishing. It involves lots of sitting and being quiet, with not much happening — but fish (whether we catch them or someone else does) are good for […]

Outside the Walls: The Sermon

Two of the best sermons I ever heard were not preached inside the walls of a church, during a revival or at an evangelism conference. The sermons weren’t on a podcast or live-streamed over the Web. There was no pulpit, no love offering, no quiet mood music during the invitation. These two sermons were living […]