Christian Worldview and Apologetics: Do Miracles Really Happen?

Most people believe in miracles. Each of the major religions of the world believes in miracles, crediting God (or divine being) with a specific action or result. In his bestselling book “Reason for God,” Tim Keller defines a miracle as “the intervention of God into the natural order.” He sets out to show the reasonableness […]

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Scripture makes it crystal-clear that Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:1 and Luke 2:4). That makes Bethlehem important for believers but insignificant among the cities of the world. Even today, it is a small town of approximately 25,000 people. Bethlehem is located in the Judean mountains on the West Bank. Tourism accounts for 65 […]

Sunday Dinner: Pineapple Ice Box Cake

The envelope involving an unsolved mystery and containing two recipes has been lying in “the stack” for a few months. The two recipes were for Spice Cake and Pineapple Ice Box Cake. Mailed from Florence, the envelope contained no name, no return address, no church name — only the two recipes. Even the usually successful […]

Comic Belief: Happy Landing

I’m not afraid of flying — I’m afraid of crashing. I have traveled for many years and have been in more hotel rooms than Gideon’s Bible. Usually, I was speaking at churches. That meant cheap hotels and cheap airfares. That means you fly first-class only if you are baggage. What is the deal about first-class […]

Outside the Walls: Santa Is Coming to Town

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” “Look behind you, boys. It’s Santa Claus!” With horror, my two boys realized that the photo shoot had taken an unprecedented turn. They both wheeled around on the bench to see a stranger in a red suit hiding behind a decorated Christmas tree. They burst into tears. Caden knocked Connor sideways as […]

Wholly Healthy: Colds, Coughs and Pneumonia — Oh My!

Fall and winter can be daunting for physicians. These are the times when many infectious illnesses are more common. I can usually tell that autumn is almost here — not because of the calendar or the first Clemson football game — but because I hear the barking cough of my first child with croup. Since […]

Outside the Walls: Time to Have Those Thanksgiving Talks

Nanny’s house is a special place. My wife’s extended family floods Nanny’s modest home every Thanksgiving, and we are greeted with her love, kindness and hospitality. She makes all of us feel so special and creates an environment for us to connect. Sometimes we see family members we haven’t seen since Christmas. We eat in […]

Thanksgiving Is Always in Season

I dearly enjoy the Thanksgiving season, even though so much of it in our culture has little to do with giving thanks — and even less with thanking God. In fact, it’s relatively easy to enjoy the holiday season and put together a great Thanksgiving Day meal — when compared with the challenge of obeying […]

In Your Interest: Children’s Inheritance

Many people today look forward to retirement, and are working hard to save money for that day. Hopefully, you will retire with plenty to live on, and not have to worry about depleting your savings during your lifetime. If that is the case, then your children will stand to inherit a nice sum of money, […]

Sunday Dinner: Squash Casserole

Hearty menus increase as the thermometer reading decreases, but one meal a day — whatever time of year — needs its vegetables, so try squash. There must be a dozen or more recipes called “Squash Casserole,” and you will like this one. One of the good things about this vegetable is that local squash are […]