Letter: SBC Confederate flag resolution ‘misguided’

[Regarding the Southern Baptist Convention resolution that repudiates displaying the Confederate flag], I never want to be divisive, but I really think some of our SBC leaders are a little misguided in their efforts. They are accepting a premise that just is not 100 percent true. I would also argue that those people you are […]

Fresh Ideas: ‘Go … Mow’

Here’s one wildly successful ministry idea that happened last week. Living Faith Indy, a church plant in Indianapolis, loaded a trailer with a riding lawnmower, some push mowers, edgers, blowers and brooms. The group prayed, asking God’s direction for where to begin, then hauled the equipment to a nearby, neglected neighborhood near their church plant. […]

Guest Viewpoint: Life is a combo plate

I love Mexican food — especially a good combo plate. You can’t beat the classic duo of a chicken enchilada and chile relleno. I see this entrée as a parable on life. We live in tension between two seemingly opposite poles. The word balance comes to mind. In our personal lives, we try to maintain […]

Guest Viewpoint: A $4 CD

A $4 thrift store purchase is affecting my life. It’s not as life-changing as the name of Jesus, but it is nudging my soul in a positive direction. This purchase — a beginner’s CD for learning Spanish — is teaching me more than an alphabet, basic grammar and Spanish words for everyday nouns and verbs. […]

Comic Belief: Calling All Dads

Being a father is like playing golf: It’s time consuming, expensive, frustrating, and full of hazards. The phone company reports that calls made on Father’s Day are growing faster than those on Mother’s Day. The company apologized for the delay in compiling this statistic. Everything slowed down because of the extra billing; most of the […]

Pastor to Pastor: Touch the Father’s Face

Up until our son was about 4 or 5 years old, he would occasionally sneak into our bedroom and slip into the bed with us, as most children do from time to time. Somewhere about that age parents must draw the line, or they will never get a night’s sleep. We were working patiently with […]

Outside the Walls: Driving Lessons

“I know already, Dad!” I rolled my eyes and gripped the steering wheel about as tightly as my father was gritting his teeth. I drove into the street as the car sputtered forward. “Slow down!” “I’m going the speed limit!” I said as the car almost went on two wheels around the curve. I was […]