Viewpoint: State Conventions, Associations and Their Future

The present generation of Southern Baptists will have to answer many difficult, unavoidable questions in regard to the future. Being proactive in dealing with difficult questions such as these is wise. One of these difficult questions is: Do state conventions and associations have a future in Southern Baptist life? Boots on the ground Does this […]

How Apostles Viewed the Old Testament

I wonder sometimes whether the earliest apostles would recognize the way we treat the Old Testament. At best, the first half of our Bible serves as a lengthy preamble to the real Bible, the New Testament. At worst, it’s seen as an archaic relic of an unenlightened society. But from day one, the apostles had a very […]

Viewpoint: Larger Churches and Their Denomination

Though many feel we are living in a post-denomination age, I believe denominations still have a valuable role to play in God’s plan for the church. Denominations provide a way for local churches to work together on projects too big for any one church to handle on their own. But what about churches that have […]

Editor’s Word: Welcome to Our New Executive Director-Treasurer

Gary Hollingsworth has been elected as the next executive director-treasurer of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Hopefully, he and his wife will enjoy a peaceful move and find blessing and direction as he assumes the leadership of our Baptist building ministries. Coming from the pastorate to this position will certainly be an adjustment. Facing the […]

Wholly Healthy: The Wonders of Over-the-Counter Drugs

I recently had an enormous kidney stone. Okay — it seemed enormous to me. But in terms of kidney stones, it was reasonably large — nine millimeters, in fact. Large enough that I had to have lithotripsy (the use of sound waves to break up the stone) performed by my friend and most excellent urologist, […]

Letter: May Charleston Lead Us in Showing Love

Thank you, South Carolina Baptists, for passing the resolution on Mother Emanuel AME Church at the 2015 meeting of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Our nation wept as we watched the horrific events unfold. The murders happened in a church during a Wednesday night prayer meeting. Unimaginable! We must set aside our differences in order to […]

Letter: Supporting God’s ‘100-Percent Truth’

Thank you, Dr. Gray, for your article, “Results of False Teaching,” in the January issue of The Courier. Sadly, I see major changes happening in our churches — mostly because of false teaching (especially half-truths) and the growing lack of personal Bible study. Your article uses three verses (Matthew 7:21-23) that today’s Christian does not […]

Outside the Walls: Life’s a Trip

College spring break! I looked forward to a week of no studying, going to the beach with friends, and having fun. As we led up to spring break, my friends in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes would begin talking about going on a mission trip and start urging me to go. “It will change your […]

Pastor to Pastor: Marathon at Age 86

Each morning Joy Johnson laced up her running shoes and read from Isaiah: “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31). Joy took up running at age 59 and […]