Guest Viewpoint: A Christian Response to Court Decision

Like many Christians, I have recently felt a responsibility to say something about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and open the door for abortion restrictions across the country. My goal in doing so is not to score any points or to take a victory lap. I am not under the illusion […]

Editor’s Word: The Month of August

Someone recently said, “August is sort of a nothing month.” I disagree with that assumption. It is a hot month, often the hottest of the year for the people of South Carolina. Kids are going back to school and college football is ramping up for another season. The anticipation of autumn begins to influence our […]

Editor’s Word: Our New Pastors Conference President

I have known Daniel Dickard since he was a boy. His dad, Wayne, and I have been close friends for many years and have traveled together often. We typically meet for lunch every week. I know the family, and Daniel is a bright, spiritual young man (31), who can be a breath of fresh air […]

Comic Belief: The Coach

Peter Drucker says that organizations start to die the day they focus on the insiders and not on the outsiders. That is not only true in the profit world; it is also true in the non-profit world. Change is difficult because it has no constituency. This makes it almost impossible to outvote the “We have […]

Wholly Healthy: Becoming a Doctor

July is upon us, and it’s a big month in the world of medicine. July 1 is traditionally the day that medical school graduates start their residency training. It’s a time of anxiety for those physicians and also can be a time of confusion for people being seen and treated by them in hospitals and […]

Outside the Walls: Don’t Give Up

“Tell them not to give up. Those two young men need to hear the gospel.” I was on the streets of Paris. The two North Africa migrants the missionary was referring to were smoking a cigarette waiting on the metro. I watched him walk over, start a conversation in Arabic, and share with them the […]

Legislative Update: What Happens If Roe Goes?

The pro-life movement has been working, praying, and waiting impatiently for the day Roe v. Wade would be relegated to the trash heap of history. On Jan. 22, 1973, seven of nine Supreme Court Justices created a brand new constitutional right known as a “woman’s right to privacy.” This mysterious right that is not mentioned […]

Outside the Walls: Heartbeat of a Multiplying Church

I sat in a local church recently that was full and vibrant. The pastor stood up in front of the packed house and shocked me with what he said: “We need some of you to leave.” Those who were guests couldn’t believe their ears, but the locals knew what he meant. It was time to […]

President’s Perspective: Moving Forward

Paul presents a bit of doctrinal deep water in Philippians 2, a passage rich and full of theological gold. Verse 12 offers an individual challenge of God’s sanctification, to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” This concept of personal sanctification helps us understand a broader developmental process of God shaping of His […]

Wholly Healthy: Drive Someone to the Doctor

The practice of medicine is complicated and requires very specific knowledge and skills. However, no matter how much we doctors know, there are things that limit the health and access of patients. The problem is, these things are inglorious and easily overlooked by an already overstressed and understaffed healthcare system. I’ve learned over the years […]