Worldview: The Moral Argument for God’s Existence

Can we know that God exists? This is a question that both non-Christians and Christians ask, and it is a question that Scripture answers affirmatively. Key passages like Romans 1:18-20 indicate that evidence for God’s existence is available to all people — such that non-belief is inexcusable. The evidence for God’s existence can be presented […]

Comic Belief: Pause at the Top

A man watched the driver of a truck carrying a load of chickens stop every half mile, get out of the truck, beat the side of the truck with a baseball bat until the chickens were flying in the air, get back into the truck, and drive off. He watched this routine happen time after […]

Outside the Walls: 59 Seconds

It takes 59 seconds to change the world. Bubba couldn’t stay focused in school. He was mischievous, but curious. He was constantly thinking about anything other than school. He dropped out of high school his junior year and opened a print shop. His brother joined him a year later. They made their living in the […]

President’s Perspective: Why Does the Church Stay Indoors?

I learned a lesson in Cleveland this summer. We are planting a church there, and I had to step in at the last minute and lead a mission trip. Here’s what I learned: Taking your people on a mission trip is better than sending them! I honestly think that I benefited from the trip more […]

Wholly Healthy: Sometimes the Healer Needs Healing

This column departs a little from the normal subject matter of “Wholly Healthy” in that it’s a plea not for healthy behavior, but for healthy physicians. Over the years, medicine has become increasingly complex. Mind you, the “saving lives and easing suffering” part just keeps getting better. We can do more than ever. In the […]

Editor’s Word: The Power of Congregational Singing

There is something powerful in congregational singing. Ephesians 5:19 says: “Speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord.” In recent times, congregational singing has been replaced, in part, by soloists, ensembles and other small groups. We need a revival of congregational singing […]

Guest Viewpoint: Can God love me if I hate myself?

You’ve likely heard the platitude: “You have to love yourself before someone else can love you.” It doesn’t happen every day, but when life seems to become too complicated or my depression takes hold, it’s like an emotional and mental levee breaks. I begin to see my shortcomings as failures, my comforts as complacencies and […]

Guest Viewpoint: Responding to Criticism

In life, there are two things we can’t avoid: death and taxes. Let’s add criticism as another unavoidable part of life. Criticism can come from our all sorts of people — our spouse, our boss, a friend or enemy, a church member or a complete stranger. When someone tells us of our perceived faults or […]

Guest Viewpoint: A boring testimony? No such thing

“I have a boring testimony,” one student said when we shared our testimonies in a Sunday School class I co-lead for a group of high school guys. What he meant is that he made a profession of faith at a young age in response to his parents’ Gospel presentation. He was, therefore, not saved out […]

Singleness: ‘Magnetic pull’ of missions prevails

When I first felt called to the mission field, I didn’t give much thought to whether I’d serve as a single or as a wife. I was only 11, after all. I just knew Jesus offered salvation, people needed to hear about it, and I wanted to go tell them. With laser focus, I prepared […]