Comic Belief: I Feel Your Pain

When a first-grader fell on the ice coming into church, the pastor tried to comfort him. “Remember, big boys don’t cry.” “Cry?” he replied, “I’m going to sue.” Do we live in a world where people would rather have money than comfort? Maybe, but we also know that at times we prefer comfort. Are we […]

Outside the Walls: A Mother’s Change

I thought I was being an attentive husband the night I cooked dinner for my wife. There was a screech from upstairs, and I opened the bedroom door to see her head buried in a pillow. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “How could you? I can’t take that smell!” […]

President’s Perspective: I’ve Never Heard That Before

My first Uber ride was a memorable experience. I was recently in Boston with a group of South Carolina pastors for a North American Mission Board “Catch the Vision” tour. We met about 15 church planters who have a passion for the gospel and for their city. When it was time to return home, we […]

Letter: Blessed by ‘The Shack’

In response to “ ‘The Shack’ is not an accurate view of God” (April), I believe the only accurate view of God comes from His Word and from a personal encounter with Him. Both the book and the movie present a fictional, beautiful account of healing and forgiveness. Christian fiction should not be confused with doctrine, […]

Letter: ‘The Shack’ is heresy

Thank you for your article on “The Shack” and the heresy of the book and movie. There were two statements that stood out to me. One was by Dr. Albert Mohler about the lack of biblical discernment and biblical knowledge today. The second statement was by LifeWay Christian Resources, saying they no longer carry “The […]

Worldview: Polygamy — A Biblical Consideration

The ancient practice of polygamy appears poised to make a cultural comeback in “postmodern” America. With the Supreme Court decision redefining legal “marriage” to include homosexual partnerships, the effort to normalize deviant expressions of the family seems to gain momentum with increasing speed. Another high profile court case involving the Brown family of “Sister Wives” […]

Editor’s Word: The Importance of Biblical Truth

Some younger Southern Baptist ministers are asking the right question. Their question is not “What will work?” but rather “What is biblical?” Pragmatism is not unimportant, but it cannot be the foundation for our ministries and missions. What is practical can be chosen over what is biblical truth, but not without regrettable spiritual results. International […]

Guest Viewpoint: The Key

Every day since last January, I’ve worn this necklace — a simple chain and an old brass key. A lot of people thought it was just a key to my house or my dorm, but it has so much more meaning than that. Over the last year, I have seen the Lord do incredible things […]

President’s Perspective: My Favorite Family Story

I learned to tithe at a young age, but it was not through reading the Bible. It was through a story my parents told me over and over, a story about their faith and God’s faithfulness. Mom and Dad were not raised in church. They were saved shortly after getting married. As young Christians, they […]

‘The Shack’ is not an accurate view of God

In 2007, a significant publishing phenomenon began when a relatively unknown William Paul Young printed some copies of “The Shack,” a theological novel he had written for his children. The self-published book morphed into one of the best-selling Christian books in history (apart from the Bible), selling more than 22 million copies and being translated […]