Wholly Healthy: Vulnerable All Around Us

It is appropriate that we, as believers, protect the rights of the unborn. We do this because we recognize that their lives have intrinsic value, in the image of God, as soon as they come into existence at conception. Life itself matters before breath, speech, communication or the other trappings we associate with it. And […]

Why Can’t We Love Them Both?

Mike was a mechanical engineer excited about his new career opportunities, while Joy was a nurse working at a local hospital. They were thrilled to be pregnant a second time and were hoping this pregnancy would progress without complications, especially after being warned that a blood test revealed their first baby had an 80 percent […]

Outside the Walls: What’s Your Moonshot?

“We choose to go to the moon.” With these words from John F. Kennedy, the United States of America began an accelerated mission to put the first man on the moon. No one could fathom a man standing on the moon, but it came to reality on July 20, 1969. “This is one small step […]

Editor’s Word: Resolutions or Renewals?

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year (that we typically do not keep), let me challenge you to make a renewed commitment to simply obey the counsel found in the Bible. We can plan, prepare, and reminisce, but the greatest challenge is for each of us to live one day at a time. We […]

Wholly Healthy: Carbon Monoxide Alert

This is a time of year when we physicians have to remind ourselves to pay attention and readjust our collective focus. Human illnesses are often quite seasonal, whether that means allergies in the spring and autumn, flu and pneumonia in the winter months, or insect bites in the summer. However, a unique danger arises when […]

Outside the Walls: An Orchard Lies Inside

Santa always fills my wife Leisa’s stocking with fruit and gives all the rest of us candy. He’s been doing that for her since she was a kid. The first year of marriage, he didn’t for some reason — but he hasn’t missed a year since. Who wants a big apple in your stocking when […]

Comic Belief: Funny-Looking Clothes

An interviewee for a job at a famous art gallery was asked, “If you could save one picture from fire, which piece would it be?” He answered, “I’d save the piece closest to the exit.” That is how we think — often just of ourselves. Singular thinking makes it difficult to walk together. Churches can […]

Editor’s Word: The Buckley Legacy

Seth Buckley has been a minister of students for most of the years he has been in ministry. He is, however, much more than a title. He has a powerful and beautiful voice, which is on full display when he sings the great songs of the faith with passion and emphasis. His combination of unique […]

President’s Perspective: Advance Together or Hero Ball?

“Will this be their year?” was the question posed during a segment of an NFL pre-game show on the Baltimore Ravens. One of the hosts commented that as long as their All-Pro quarterback Lamar Jackson stays healthy, they’ll be in the hunt. Her partner agreed, but added he needs to work on his accuracy and […]