Outside the Walls: Fishing Tips

“Get the net! This is a big one!” There is nothing more aggravating than watching another man catch fish. My father had a knack for knowing where to throw the lure and how to feel a large bass slowly take the bait. At just the right moment, he would set the hook, and my job […]

Editor’s Word: What a Great Name for a Pastor

What a great name for a pastor: Church. Wes Church, that is. He is the new senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Columbia, having served on staff for 16 years at the church. Even though he is stepping into a new position, he has a history of faithful ministry in the 200-year-old historic church. […]

Comic Belief: Just Say No — I Mean Yes

There is no such thing as self-control. Do you realize you can’t “not” do anything? The more you try “not to do,” the worse it gets. The moment I’m on a diet, I think about Twinkies and Snickers, even when I’m not hungry. When I think about not eating, all I think about is the […]

Wholly Healthy: Finding Discounts on Prescriptions

Medications aren’t cheap. The reasons for this are many and complicated. For instance, research and development costs, coupled with government regulations, make it very costly for companies to bring new medications to market. Those are understandable reasons for increased medication costs. On the other end, there are organizations involved in distribution of medicines that severely […]

Human Trafficking Is Thriving in S.C.

Lanie’s school bus dropped her off every day at the strip club where her mother worked. When she was younger, Lanie simply grabbed a bite to eat and did her homework while her mom worked. However, one day when she was 10 years old, the strip club lacked enough employees, so they “recruited” Lanie to […]

President’s Perspective: Essentials of Disciple-Making

The Baptist Sunday School Board (now LifeWay Christian Resources) created a stir in 1990 when the Church Training department became “Discipleship Training.” Discipleship was a popular word then, and our leadership rightly emphasized disciple-making as an essential function of the Christian life and every church. I remember much was said and done regarding discipleship, but […]

Guest Viewpoint: Don’t Ditch Your Denomination

In September 1986, my life was changed forever when I was elected as pastor of a dying Southern Baptist mission called Franklin Avenue Baptist Church. I grew up in the National Baptist denomination. I was the middle of five kids raised by a single mom who required everyone in her house to attend church on […]

God’s Portion: Sufficient to Sustain and Delight

Spending some time in Brazil this summer was an experience I will treasure forever, and the Lord taught me so many precious truths. I’ve always known that various cultures exist, but to experience it firsthand was something entirely new for me. My observations evoked a number of thoughts that I began to wrestle with: Would […]

The Nations Are Closer than You Think

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”? I believe the opposite is the problem concerning major missions strategies at this time. I believe we have become so overwhelmed by the lostness of the world that we are missing the opportunities God is giving us to make a difference. Both […]

Letter: We want to be an Acts 1:8 church

A couple of months ago, a retired minister filled in for our pastor. He began his message with a review of the differences he had seen between the 1950s and 1960s and now. He remembered how, during the ’50s and ’60s, people were being saved in most churches each week, and there was a lot […]