Guest Viewpoint: Loving the Misfits

The term “misfit” has always been close to my heart and perhaps that is because deep inside I know that I am a misfit. I am a misfit who is loved by God, but I am still a misfit. If you are unclear as to what exactly a misfit is, think of the claymation TV […]

Worldview: Choosing the Best Bible Translation

Clemson versus USC. Coke versus Pepsi. Krispy Kreme versus Dunkin’ Donuts. The mere mention of such subjects will likely spawn spirited squabbles among some South Carolina Baptists. But one topic towers above all in its potential to produce dissent and debate in the pews: no, not politics — Bible translations. Most Christians have their preferences […]

Racial Unity & the 2016 SBC Annual Meeting

When I was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention in June of 2014 in Baltimore, little did I know God would take me through the open doors of addressing racial challenges in America. While racial unrest already existed in our nation, it was not until Aug. 9, 2014, and the tragic death of a […]

Guest Viewpoint: Male and Female by God’s Design

What is your view on transgenderism? Currently, there is a strong push by liberals in almost every field — entertainment, industry, education, media and even sports — to force everyone in this country to accept the transgender lifestyle as normal. Transgenderism has even been called the new civil rights issue by Time magazine, as Russell […]

Guest Viewpoint: Seasoned Sermons

My first sermon was nearly 20 years ago, and I now find myself at a different stage of life and ministry, with a different set of concerns and observations. As a more veteran preacher, these practices are on my mind to suggest to those who are now longer in the early stages of ministry: Vary […]

Guest Viewpoint: Never Retire!

Never stop doing what God put you on earth to do. For the seniors among us, this is no time to slack off. It’s just getting good. Congratulations on two of the biggest blessings in your life. One, if you are born again, your name is written in the book of life. You are going […]

Outside the Walls: We’d Be in Big Trouble Without Mama

“Mom! Do you know where my cleats are? I can’t find them anywhere,” yelled my oldest son, Caden, from the top of the stairs. “Mom! Please tell me you washed my Vineyard Vines T-shirt. I have nothing to wear,” said Connor in desperation as he tried to get his hair just right. “Mom! I spilled […]

Wholly Healthy: No Deconditioning!

Frequently, when I go to work in the ER, I see elderly patients who are deconditioned. That is, they simply have no physical reserves because they have been bed-bound in the hospital — or homebound — from chronic illness. This affects their thinking as well as many other body systems. Any exertion makes them short […]

Editor’s Word: The Privilege of Having a Good Mother

May 8 is Mother’s Day. It had many precursors in American history before Anna Jarvis created it in 1908 and worked to make it a national holiday in 1914. The idea of Mother’s Day creates an array of responses ranging from maudlin sentimentality to outright hatred. It is lamented as nothing more than a commercial […]

President’s Perspective: Launch Out … in Humility

Our theme for the 2016 South Carolina Baptist Convention is Launch Out! This is based on Luke 5, where Jesus told Peter to launch out into the deep. When Christ saw a need, He acted. He was willing not only to condescend, to come to Earth, but also to interact with sinful, flawed humanity. John […]