SBC Executive Committee deals with budget woes, leadership challenges

Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee members were hit with another disappointment during the final plenary session of their fall meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 19. EC Chairman and Louisiana pastor Philip Robertson announced that Dan Summerlin, the recently retired Kentucky pastor who had been announced the day before as a candidate for the role of transitional […]

Lifeway campers give more than $580,000 to IMB, NAMB for gospel impact

This summer, as thousands of kids, students and chaperones at Lifeway camps developed a greater understanding of missions and a heart for missionaries, they gave generously, entrusting their gifts for Great Commission purposes. As a result of this generosity, Ben Mandrell, president and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources, presented checks totaling $587,484.97 to International Mission Board […]

IMB using telemedicine to create gospel access

Sitting in a home office in Ohio, a doctor logs onto her laptop at 3:30 a.m. Across the globe it’s mid-morning. The doctor smiles at a face that pops up on her screen. Consulting with her patient, she asks what brought him in today. Then she listens, in real time, to his heartbeat. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. […]

SBC EC eliminates staff positions

The SBC Executive Committee made staff adjustments on Sept. 13 that eliminated five staff positions and two contractor positions, according to a statement. “Over the past few weeks, our current leadership and officers met at length to determine various ways to most effectively steward the resources provided to us by Southern Baptist churches,” said Jonathan […]

Adkins to lead GCR Evaluation Task Force study

Louisiana pastor and SBC First Vice President Jay Adkins will chair a task force that will study the impact of recommendations brought about by the Great Commission Resurgence Report and adopted by Southern Baptists in 2010. The task force was called for in a motion at the 2023 SBC Annual Meeting in New Orleans to […]

Three South Carolinians to serve on Cooperation Group named by Barber

Addressing “things we have never done before” in the history of the Southern Baptist Convention will permeate discussions of those who will present a report next June that could reassert or redefine what constitutes a church to be in friendly cooperation with the SBC, said President Bart Barber. “These declarations that churches are not in […]

NASCAR drivers say prayer, faith important on and off the track

Prayer is still held before many sporting events, but NASCAR is one of the few professional sports that proudly encourages racers to be vocal about their faith and broadcasts the prayer during the pre-race traditions. “Ever since I’ve been a part of it — for 23 years — the invocation has always been part of […]

The Charleston Way: The First Southern Baptist Confession of Faith

Northerners have been moving south for centuries. They come seeking a new life and new opportunities. Such was the case with a group of Baptists from Maine more than 300 years ago. Pastor William Screven and some of his congregants, looking to cash in on a strong shipbuilding economy, arrived in Charleston in 1696. As […]