Paul Pressler targeted in Texas lawsuit

A lawsuit alleging decades of sexual abuse by retired Texas state judge Paul Pressler has named a Southern Baptist Convention entity among its co-defendants. Following multiple media reports on the Oct. 18 suit, Pressler’s legal team released a statement Dec. 12 to Baptist Press, in which attorney Ted Tredennick called the allegations “frivolous.” Pressler — […]

‘Meditations of a Sparrow’ offers poetic reflections on God’s care

Karen Green, of Anderson, has published her first book of poetry: “Meditations of a Sparrow: Psalms for the Modern Age.” “Meditations” is scheduled for release by Courier Publishing in early December in both hardback ($17.95) and softback ($13.95) versions. The book details many aspects of the author’s “daily walk with the Most High.” Her first […]

Cynthia Winker publishes 4th novel

Cynthia Winkler, a mystery and crime author who writes from a Christian worldview, has produced her fourth novel, “You Did Not Weep: The Woman in the Grave.” Available in hardback ($25.95), paperback ($19.95) and e-book ($5.95) formats, “You Did Not Weep” is slated for an early December release by Courier Publishing. The novel unfolds amidst […]

Author honors late grandfather with WWII memoir

It is the spring of 1944. Blace Davis has no thought of fighting in the war. After all, he is a man with dependents — a wife and six children, with a seventh on the way. But then everything changes. “Mount of Congregation,” by Mark A. Davis, is a true story of bravery in the […]

DR’s Mickey Caison retires from SBC’s ‘greatest job’

Think back among the most harrowing disasters in recent U.S. history: 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Midwest floods of 1993, the Northridge earthquake and Hurricanes Andrew, Harvey and Irma. Mickey Caison has represented Southern Baptists at each of them. As national director of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief for most of the past […]

Church imparts a heart for missions to its young

After Myra Middlebrook’s mother died in 2010, she found some money her mom had tucked away — and she knew exactly what it was.   “I knew it was her Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for that year,” Middlebrook said. “She put money away all year for missions. She always had.” For the years that her […]

Survey: Evangelical Label, Beliefs Often at Odds

About one in four Americans say they are evangelical Christians. Most of them are white, live in the South and identify as Republican. Many go to church every week.   But they’re not always sure what they believe. Fewer than half of those who identify as evangelicals (45 percent) strongly agree with core evangelical beliefs, […]

Hark! Skipping Christmas carol verses discouraged

As worship pastor Andrew Lucius selects songs for Christmas worship, he is considering specific needs in the Georgia congregation he serves. Among his conclusions: Singing only the first verse of familiar carols could leave worshipers spiritually malnourished. The widow “who’s going through the Christmas season the first time this year without her husband … needs […]

LifeWay Research: Billy Graham has a far-reaching legacy

In the fall of 1949, a little-known Baptist preacher launched a series of revival meetings at a “canvas cathedral” at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Hill Street in Los Angeles. The meetings were supposed to last three weeks. Instead they continued for eight weeks, drawing more than 300,000 people and making Billy Graham a […]