CP Recommendations

The recommendations embraced by the state convention executives and, now, the Executive Committee include:

? That every segment of SBC life be encouraged to reaffirm our commitment to biblical stewardship and to our cooperation in the Great Commission/Acts 1:8 mission, reflecting evangelism that stretches from a church’s community to people who have yet to hear the gospel throughout the world.

? That we strongly encourage each believer to tithe of his financial resources to his local church and encourage all Southern Baptist churches to adopt a missional mindset as they contribute at least 10 percent of their undesignated receipts through the Cooperative Program to local and global missions.

? That we encourage the election of state and national convention officers whose churches give at least 10 percent of their undesignated receipts through the Cooperative Program.

? That each state convention have a plan for forwarding an increasing percentage of receipts to SBC mission causes through the Cooperative Program, with the Cooperative Program Advance Plan being one possible model as a way to give more through CP.

? That the development of quality stewardship training materials with an emphasis on tithing should be given highest priority.

? That the stewardship and Cooperative Program emphases be recognized as integral parts of the compelling SBC vision known as Empowering Kingdom Growth.

? That the 2006 SBC and state convention annual meetings be used to launch a celebration of, and emphasis on, the Cooperative Program.

? That the Executive Committee, in consultation with state convention executive directors, develop a definition of what is meant by Cooperative Program monies, which would be adopted by the SBC in annual session.