Caner, D’Souza headline Christian Worldview Week at North Greenville University

The 2008 Christian Worldview Week – featuring Ergun Caner, Dinesh D’Souza, Frank Reich, Ronald Marks and worship leader Calvin Hunt – was hosted by North Greenville University March 17-19.

Ergun Caner

Caner, a noted author, speaker, and president of Liberty Theological Seminary, delivered a memorable message about being Christlike in culture during the opening session on Monday morning. He shared of his own conversion and about Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well.

When Caner was named to his current position in 2005, he became the first former Muslim to become the leader of an evangelical seminary. He has written 14 books, including “When Worldviews Collide,” on the subject of global apologetics and defending the Christian faith. Caner has debated leaders from global religions on more than 60 occasions and has been interviewed on Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, the BBC, and TBN.

On Monday evening, D’Souza, author of the New York Times best seller “What’s So Great About Christianity,” spoke on confronting new atheism. He said Christians should be “bilingual” – able to discuss and defend Christian principles from both a biblical and secular viewpoint.

D’Souza has debated numerous leading atheists including Christopher Hitchens. A former policy analyst in the Reagan White House, D’Souza has written eight best-selling books. His articles have appeared in virtually every major magazine and newspaper. He has appeared on numerous television programs, including the Today Show, O’Reilly Factor, and Hannity and Colmes.

Dinesh D’Souza

On Tuesday evening, Reich, a former NFL quarterback, encouraged students and others in attendance to be more bold in their faith. Reich led the Buffalo Bills to the greatest comeback in NFL history. After the game, Reich gave all the glory to Christ, quoting lyrics from the song “In Christ Alone.” In recent years, he has served as president of the Reformed Theological Seminary and as the pastor of Cornerstone Church, both located in Charlotte, N.C.

Christian Worldview Week wrapped up Wednesday morning with Marks, associate professor of chemistry and physical science at NGU. Marks has done extensive research and writing concerning how the Christian worldview intersects with science. He spoke about the encouraging news from the scientific realm. Using science, Marks impressed upon the audience that they should love God with all their heart, soul and mind.

In addition to the speakers, Hunt, formerly with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, led worship during the three-day conference. A Dove Award nominee, Hunt spoke of how God delivered him from a deadly crack cocaine addiction.

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Article by: Aaron Earls, North Greenville University