Album: “Delivered”


Southern Gospel


Somebody Sing (listen)

Glory Road

Holy Shore (listen)

When He Was on the Cross

Built on Amazing Grace

Jesus Loves Me

He Still Speaks

The Lord’s Prayer

Look No Further (listen)

I’ve Read the Back of the Book (listen)

In God We Still Trust


Eddie Henderson and Steve Quinn first shared a stage in worship in the early 1990s while singing with a Southern gospel quartet. After the group disbanded, both went their separate ways. Their paths crossed again in 2001, when Eddie asked Steve to sing at his church. Since then, the two men have shared in worship with thousands of people. Quinn is a member of White Plains Baptist Church in Gaffney, S.C., and Henderson is a member of First Baptist Church, Cowpens, S.C. To learn more about their music, or to schedule 2 For 1 for an event, visit

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