FIRST-PERSON: Being God’s ambassador on Election Day

You’re standing in a block-long line, waiting to vote in our nation’s presidential election. God has placed you there as His ambassador. Ask Him to use you there. Here’s a couple of fresh ideas:


— Look up. Ask God for patience as you wait in line, for wisdom as you cast a vote, and for open doors to show His love during these minutes or hours.

— Look down. Bow your head and silently pray for weary poll workers, for voters around you, and for candidates who await the opportunity to serve.

— Look around you. Strike up a conversation with fellow line-standers. Help a mom with a crying toddler. Find a chair for an elderly person. Make a new acquaintance or two. If you have an opportunity, invite them to your church next Sunday, and exchange email addresses to keep in touch.


— After you leave the voting booth, stop by a Christian bookstore and purchase a nice Bible.

— As you watch election results, carefully highlight lots of Scripture verses that could encourage a leader.

— When election results are announced, pray for the winners and losers. Prayerfully select one newly elected local, state or national official, and make a plan to present that Bible to him or her.

— If you prefer, gift the Bible from your entire Bible class, church group or family. Write a note in the front pages to assure the leader of your faithful prayer, and ask members of your group to sign their names.

— Mail or personally deliver the Bible to the leader.

— Set a weekly reminder on your phone or calendar so you won’t forget to pray.

— Send a monthly note to remind the government leader of your prayers for him or her.

Vote wisely, then follow up your vote with prayers and encouragement for those elected.-BP

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Article by: Diana Davis