2013 CP giving trails needs with two months remaining

Cooperative Program giving from South Carolina Baptist churches rebounded slightly in October, but not enough to overcome a giving deficit that stands at more than $1 million with two months left in the fiscal year.

CP gifts through October were $22,558,739, or 5.02 percent below budgeted needs of $23,750,000 for the period, according to Pam Carroll, chief financial officer for the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

Carroll noted that the year-to-date CP giving should be viewed in light of the fact that $743,757 of the January 2013 receipts were moved to 2012. “Consequently, if you compare the actual CP gifts for the timeframe of January through October, 2012 to 2013, giving is almost equal when factoring in the transferred funds to 2012.”

Giving improved from September 2013, when CP gifts were running 5.97 percent below budgeted needs for the year.

At the national level, contributions received by the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee in October were 0.07 percent above last year’s opening month of the SBC’s fiscal year. However, the October total of $13,611,434 was 85.29 percent of the $15,958,333 monthly allocation budget to support Southern Baptist ministries globally and across North America.