Connie Maxwell president Ben Davis announces plans to retire

Ben Davis, president of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, said Monday that he will retire on Sept. 1 of next year.

Davis joined the Connie Maxwell staff in 1993 and was named president in August 2002. His retirement date will mark the 21st anniversary of the day he was hired.

“I know without a shadow of doubt that God called me to Connie Maxwell, and I believe he is leading me to this decision now,” Davis told the Courier. “My heart and commitment will always remain with this great ministry.”

In a letter to Connie Maxwell board chairman Randy Keasler, Davis said he has “never regretted a single moment of this service, and it has been the most rewarding and satisfying work I’ve ever done.”

Davis said Connie Maxwell is “on the right track for future success and continued ministry to boys and girls” and that the ministry “is operating as well or better than it has in years.”

He said he was thankful for the opportunity to serve South Carolina Baptists and “these wonderful children” in an “important and vital ministry.”

“God has blessed Connie Maxwell, and I believe he will continue to do so,” Davis said.