Letter to the Editor: ‘Brothers’ offers camaraderie

On Jan. 22, Pastor Sam Thompson’s house burned down in Clover. Sam and his wife, Mrs. Annie, work together at New Beginnings Baptist Church, God’s Kitchen and the Lighthouse Shelter. He is a 76-year-old African-American who is undaunted by the challenges this event brings.

This tragic event became known while several of us were at the Band of Brothers conference at White Oak. The 40-plus pastors who had gathered from around the state received an impromptu love offering for Sam. The men all contributed freely in response to the need of a brother many of them did not know. They only wanted Sam to know they were praying for and supporting him.

This is the type of fellowship and love being developed by the Band of Brothers meetings. This camaraderie is one of the best ways to combat the competitive spirit so evident among churches and pastors.

The next meeting is April 21-23. I personally encourage every pastor to attend. Contact Monty Hale’s office at the SCBC for more information.

— Rick Martin, Rock Hill