South Carolina churches observe Easter in different ways

Many churches mark the Easter season with special services, including musicals, dramas and sunrise services.

We asked Courier readers to tell us about some of the ways their churches celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

At Goucher Baptist Church in Gaffney, pastor Norman Gardner is presenting a monologue as the biblical character of Pilate. (Dell Byars)

Likewise, Randy Harling, pastor of Simpsonville First Baptist Church, portrays a biblical character each year as part of the church’s production of “The Upper Room.” The event, held over two nights, offers a perspective on the crucifixion from the perspective of eye witnesses to the events of Holy Week. (Sheryl Tepper)

A member of New Beginning Baptist Church in Waterloo opens his home on Easter morning so that members can hold a worship service on his pier as the sun rises over Lake Greenwood. “What a beautiful sight it is to behold,” says church member Betty Coats.

Selma Baptist Church in Woodruff is holding an outdoor Lord’s Supper drama on the Saturday night before Easter, and the church has built a reproduction of the tomb on the church grounds for use during the sunrise service. (Frances Bradley)

North Hartsville Baptist Church joins with seven area churches, including the Methodist church and three AME churches, for a Good Friday service involving hundreds of worshipers. (Ladell Humphries)

At Union Baptist Church of Temperance Hill in Marion, worshipers start their Easter celebration with the observance of Lent. On Palm Sunday, members carry the cross from the church to the outdoor drama area where they present a Passion play during the weekend of Easter. (Dean Parker)

At Mechanicsville Baptist Church in Darlington, worshipers gather on Easter morning at an old cemetery located beneath a grove of oak trees. “The ambiance is breathtaking as the sun rises above these trees and spills its rays through the branches,” said church member Alice James.