Outside the Walls: Changed People Change the World

If you had breakfast with a dead guy, I wonder if your conversations would be the same that week.

Imagine Monday morning around the water cooler.

“How was your weekend?”

“Oh, it was cool. We did some family stuff. I went fishing with the guys. John fell asleep on the boat and got sunburned; and, oh yeah, I almost forgot — I had breakfast with a DEAD GUY!”

One day Peter is running for his life. He is scared to death that they may do to him what they just did to Jesus. Then a few months later, we see him boldly standing up before thousands of people, declaring that Jesus is Lord. This is not the same Peter. Something happened.

One day after the crucifixion, Peter and the boys are fishing. From the shore, Jesus calls out to them. When Peter realizes it is the resurrected Lord, he jumps out of the boat like a scene from Forrest Gump. They have breakfast, and then Jesus has a little chat with Peter. After this day, Peter is forever changed and never gets over the resurrection.

Nothing will stop him: They throw him in jail, and he preaches to his captors. They beat him up, and when they are done, he preaches in the temple courts. They imprison him, and an angel gets him out. They release him, and he is back in the temple courts preaching the resurrection.

Before the resurrection Peter was apathetic, but now awesome … bitter, but now bold … cowardly, but now courageous … defeated, but now determined … embarrassed, but now extraordinary … finished, but now fearless … gutless, but now guiltless … helpless, but now holy … impetuous, but now impressive … judged, but now justified … kicked around, but now kingdom-bound … lost, but now loved … misunderstood, but now a masterpiece … nominal, but now noble … oppressed, but now obsessed … passive, but now passionate … quiet, but now qualified … ridiculous, but now revolutionary … stuck, but now supernatural … trapped, but now tenacious … unfinished, but now unforgettable … victim, but now valiant … wimpy, but now a warrior … exhausted, but now exhilarated … yellow, but now yelling … a zero, but now zealous.

Changed people change the world!

So I guess my question for you as we approach Easter is this: Have you gotten over the fact that Jesus rose from the grave and gave you life? If you have, then chances are you were silent this week about Jesus. If you have not, no one can keep you quiet. Don’t let this season be reduced to pink dresses, chocolate bunnies, and a service you go to as the dawn breaks. Instead, let the season be a reason to tell your neighbors the story of the day your life changed from A to Z and you met Jesus.