Pastor hopes bike ride will spur churches to cooperate in evangelism

Bryan Cox believes churches can work better together to reach people for Christ, and he plans to pedal from one end of the state to the other to make his case.

Cox, pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Mauldin, will ride his bicycle from the Upstate to the coast April 28 through May 3.

Cox told the Courier he is biking across South Carolina “under God’s leadership” to promote cooperation among churches to work together in their communities to reach people for Christ.

“We can do so much more together than individually,” said Cox. “I believe the key to reaching our state for Christ lies in joining our resources and our people to impact our neighborhoods for the kingdom of God.”

He hopes churches will come together during the week he is on the road to do evangelistic outreach projects in their communities.

D.J. Horton, president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, supports Cox’s “two-wheeled journey” across the state and said it is a “perfect example of one pastor deciding to do something different and inspirational to draw attention to Christ.”

“Whether it is packing a shoebox with toys, recruiting sponsors for a local Relay for Life, or raising money to dig a well in a village in Africa, young people are drawn to be a part of tangible efforts where something is accomplished,” said Horton. “I’m proud of Bryan’s efforts and leadership.”

Churches or individuals interested in supporting Cox’s endeavor can contact him at 864-963-3547 or