Connie Maxwell volunteers honored at recognition dinner

Approximately 120 volunteers from Greenwood and the state were on hand recently for a recognition dinner at Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. Polly Davis, director of volunteer services, welcomed the group and thanked them for their assistance at the home.

A wide range of volunteer services was offered over the past year, including tutors, mentors, cottage sponsors, recreation assistants and those who helped with physical labor projects. The group present represented more than 2,000 people who volunteered almost 10,000 hours during the last year.

Ricky Taylor of Gilbert was named volunteer of the year. The volunteer church group of the year was from Monaghan Baptist in Greenville. The college group award went to Baptist Collegiate Ministries of Lander University in Greenwood. Mt. Carmel Baptist Church of Easley was named Missionary Covenant Church of the Year.

Davis said the volunteer program is a way for individuals, businesses, clubs or church groups to assist the ministry at Connie Maxwell while helping to “make a difference in the lives of children.” For information on the program, she can be reached at 864-942-1405 or 800-868-2624.

After 17-years as director of volunteers, Davis told the group that this was the last recognition dinner for her, since she will be retiring at the end of August. She was surprised with a number of gifts and accolades from her co-workers and received a standing ovation from those at the dinner for her many years of dedicated effort.