‘The ABC’s of Healthy Living’

Sara Burton, a retired teacher and registered nurse, has employed the talents of her grandchildren, great-nieces and great-nephews to illustrate “The ABC’s of Healthy Living.

The book, which features original full-color art drawn by the children, offers a healthy-living tip to correspond with each letter of the alphabet. The book was designed by Burton’s nephew, Paul Weathers, a graphic artist.

The text was written by Burton, who worked as a hospital nurse and taught health science technology for high school students for 25 years. She has written a weekly article for her local newspaper for more than 15 years and has published two devotional books under the title, “From My Teacher’s Heart.”

“The ABC’s of Healthy Living” is available from the author for $15 (shipping included) by calling 803-603-4252 or by email at sara.burton2013@yahoo.com.