CSU chapel speaker: ‘Gray areas’ reveal your faith

Dave Edwards used the story of David and Saul to illustrate how to live in the “gray areas” of life to the Charleston Southern University audience at chapel on Feb. 25.

The areas and seasons of life that we think don’t matter reveal what we believe about our faith and about those in authority over us, he said. In the biblical example of 1 Samuel 24, David and his men are hiding in a cave. Saul enters the mouth of the cave, and David’s men encourage him to take Saul out. But David stands firm, declaring that Saul is the Lord’s anointed and should not be attacked.

Edwards, an author and speaker, said the times people find themselves in a cave, having to make a decision, the gray areas. He asked, “In the gray areas of your life, will people see your faith?”

He presented guiding principles to point believers in the right direction when they get into a gray area:

• David knew that availability is no reason – “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

• Agreement was not rational – “Just because everybody in our life says something is OK doesn’t make it OK.”

• Authority must not be refused – “Just because someone in authority does something we don’t like doesn’t mean we don’t have to follow.”

• Doing the right thing always brings results – “You don’t have to compromise to get what you want.”

• David did the right thing and knew how to act – “You can either steal your life, or let God give it to you.”

What is at stake is the will of God and your story. “God has a way He wants that will fulfilled. Think about the direction your choices are taking you. What do you want your story to be?”