NGU on Top 50 Best Christian Colleges List

Theology Degrees, a website dedicated to ranking and evaluating Theological and Religious based academia, has released their list of the 2015 50 Best Christian Colleges.

After collecting and ranking data from hundreds of universities around the country, 50 institutions provide their students with the opportunity to make their Christian beliefs and ideals the center of their lives while earning their degree. Factors like student satisfaction, selectivity, faculty/student ratios, and finances were all weighed and valued when creating this ranking.

North Greenville University was among the top 50 and the only school in South Carolina that made the list.

Kevin Shull, the article’s author, had this to say regarding the ranking: “While there are hundreds of choices for faith-based colleges around the country, our list of the Top 50 colleges and universities highlight some amazing institutions.  This ranking takes into account multiple factors that are critical to the student on-campus experience. We are excited to publish this ranking of Christian Colleges and Universities and look forward to promoting these educational opportunities to prospective students and parents.”

The ranking can be viewed at