‘Capital to the Coast Walk’ to end at CSU Sept. 29

Ron Jackson, founder of Parson’s Pantry, Inc., will finish his fourth annual Parson’s Pantry Walk at Charleston Southern University Sept. 29.

Jackson, a retired minister and 1970 graduate of Charleston Southern, plans to begin his walk Sept. 21 at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia and complete his Capital to the Coast Walk Sept. 29 at CSU. He will be recognized at Chapel on campus Sept. 30 at 11 a.m.

Jackson said, “Charleston Southern played a big part in my life; it is a special place.” He and his young family were labeled the first family of the campus because they were the first to move into married housing on the campus in 1967.

Parson’s Pantry, started in 2005 by Jackson and his wife, Karen, provides financial assistance to needy pastors, retired pastors, widows of pastors and married ministerial students. One hundred percent of donations made to Parson’s Pantry are used to help needy families. “It’s amazing how people respond and help and give,” said Jackson.

To date, more than 640 families have been helped by the more than $570,000 donated to the nonprofit.

Jackson is the retired pastor of East Gaffney Baptist Church in Gaffney.  To learn more about the organization, visit the Parson’s Pantry, Inc. facebook page