S.C. Baptist Disaster Relief units poised to assist flood victims following historic rains

All South Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief units have been placed on ALERT status for response to the catastrophic flooding throughout the state, and the South Carolina Baptist Convention is accepting donations for disaster relief efforts by clicking here.

In a message to Disaster Relief volunteers, the convention said that assistance may be needed in the coming days for feeding victims, childcare, shelter, chainsaw units and communications teams. Assessment and mud-out units will also likely be needed.

Due to the inclement weather, the South Carolina Baptist Convention building will be closed on Monday, Oct. 5.

The state convention posted the following message on its website:

Given the historic rainfall/flooding expected from the current storm system, all Disaster Relief units are now on ALERT – you may be needed to respond. Volunteers are urged to closely monitor conditions in your area, and do what you need to do to personally be prepared. As appropriate, secure your family and property against whatever potential damage is possible in your area. State-wide, all units prepare to be availablefor a Disaster Relief response to flooding.

If shelters are opened, FEEDING or CHILD CARE units may be needed , as well as SHELTERING volunteers.

Since trees, especially on slopes, are already falling over due to  ground saturation, CHAINSAW units will be needed. Falling trees also bring down power lines, so COMMUNICATIONS volunteers may be activated.

With flooding certain to occur, ASSESSMENT and MUD-OUT units will be activated as needed when the waters recede.

As with any disaster, CHAPLAINS are deployed whenever other units are activated.

Watch here and follow us on Facebook for  updates on SC Disaster Relief actions in response to these weather events. www.facebook.com/scdisasterrelief