Courier Publishing releases three new titles

Three new books from Courier Publishing focus on the biblical promise of life to be found in the love and person of Jesus Christ, even as they do so from different approaches.

In “You Can Live Until You Die,” Rudy Gray temporarily sets aside his Baptist Courier editor’s hat to write about the true-life examples of men and women who have achieved great things in their so-called “retirement years.”

“Some people stop living long before they die, and some embrace every moment of life until their dying breath,” says Gray. “Every day gives us the opportunity to live life enthusiastically. The abundant life Jesus promises can literally be understood as ‘more than enough life.’ ”

“This is a small book, but don’t let its size deceive you,” says Anderson University president Evans Whitaker, who contributed the foreword. “It contains a powerful and liberating message.”

My Yeshua,” by first-time author Annie Ruth Yelton, is a beautifully imagined, illustrated story of the love a grandmother has for her grandson, Jesus. Her fear, anguish and concern are evident as she struggles to understand the circumstances surrounding his unusual conception. Her devotion follows his path from childhood to popular miracle worker to a hunted man with a price on his head. She goes through a faith crisis that shakes her very soul. Is Jesus really the Messiah? Yelton is a retired nurse and children’s minister.

In “The Life of Jesus,” Wayne Dickard has written a follow-up to his 2014 Courier Publishing release, “The Words of Jesus,” and has provided a “wonderfully inspirational yet factual account of the episodes, teachings, miracles and relationships of Jesus,” according to Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. “To read this book is to be reminded one more time of what sets Christianity apart from all other faiths: Jesus is Lord,” Patterson writes. Dickard is a retired pastor and former president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

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