Letter: ‘Marketplace Missionaries’

Thanks so much for your emphasis on bivocational ministry in the November issue.

Though I am not bivocational myself, I regularly wrestle with the desire to be a marketplace missionary as I serve the local church. I am particularly inspired by those who make the strategic choice to remain in the marketplace while serving and leading a congregation.

As we work to prioritize the mission of Christ and His church now and in years to come, I believe many more of us will find greater missional effectiveness as marketplace missionaries who model for those we lead what it looks like to make disciples where we live, work and play.

Readers will also find “Bivo” by Hugh Halter to be a great encouragement and eye-opener. This is a good resource and a short read for every Christ-follower, not just those in vocational ministry. In fact, the subtitle is “A Modern-Day Guide for Bi-vocational Saints Leveraging All of Life into One Calling.”

Bryan Plyler