Beulah Baptist celebrates 10th anniversary of mission launch in West Africa

Beulah Baptist Church in Hopkins recently celebrated 10 years of mission work in Bamako, Mali, West Africa. Beulah’s work in Mali began in 2007 under the leadership of former pastor Brad Bessent. With the help of the International Mission Board and missionaries on the ground, the team had their hearts opened to the Bambara people in what was called “F Village” in Bamako. In 10 years, Beulah has sent 25 teams to F Village. Because most of the villagers could not read, the teams taught them the Bible stories. Many villagers accepted the power of the gospel, and a church was established in the village as well as a few in surrounding villages. Team members also taught the villagers some new farming methods, dug a well, and provided medical attention to several very ill people. Working with Baptist Global Relief, Beulah teams also returned to Mali to help distribute grain during a drought. Cameron DeBrew, lead pastor of Beulah, says, “God has opened our hearts to the world through these trips. We are not a wealthy congregation, but we have seen God bring the money and the resources to allow us to participate in this work.” (Pictured, from left: Amadomo Saye, from Mali, who served as a translator for many of the teams; Cameron DeBrew, pastor of Beulah Baptist Church; and Steve Roach, former IMB missionary to Mali.)