Cynthia Winker publishes 4th novel

Cynthia Winkler, a mystery and crime author who writes from a Christian worldview, has produced her fourth novel, “You Did Not Weep: The Woman in the Grave.”

Available in hardback ($25.95), paperback ($19.95) and e-book ($5.95) formats, “You Did Not Weep” is slated for an early December release by Courier Publishing.

The novel unfolds amidst a “swirling confusion of dangerous situations,” as protagonist Scott Conway tries to make sense of a murder in his family that occurred before he was born. A grizzled veteran detective and an ambitious ATF agent, both targets of assassination attempts, join forces in an effort to unravel the mysteries long buried in Benton County.

Cynthia Winkler is the author of three previous novels: “Pieces of Silver,” “Iron Chariots” and “When the Manna Ceased.”

“You Did Not Weep” will be available at online booksellers, including and