‘Meditations of a Sparrow’ offers poetic reflections on God’s care

Karen Green, of Anderson, has published her first book of poetry: “Meditations of a Sparrow: Psalms for the Modern Age.”

“Meditations” is scheduled for release by Courier Publishing in early December in both hardback ($17.95) and softback ($13.95) versions.

The book details many aspects of the author’s “daily walk with the Most High.” Her first poem began as a “doodle,” written just prior to the start of a stressful business meeting. That first effort, along with a subsequent “inner witness” urging her to “think of God and write a poem,” served as the catalyst for a new chapter in her spiritual odyssey.

“Meditations of a Sparrow” is about finding the place of rest, inner peace, and freedom to be who the Most High has created one to be, secure all the while in the knowledge and comfort of His ever-present love and diligent care.

The book can be purchased at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other online booksellers.