Outside the Walls: Hide … or Seek?

“Start counting, Daddy! I’m going to hide!” My son Corder rushed off into the house somewhere.

Now, I would like for you to believe that I am an all-star dad who loves his son so much that he plays games like this with him every free moment. I must confess, though, that a game like “Hide and Seek” gives me at least five minutes of silence in an already chaotic household with three boys.

“Ready or not, here I come!” I yell as I continue to fiddle with whatever project I have going on. This empty warning gives me at least 10 more minutes of peace, especially if he has a good hiding place.

Once, I forgot we were playing, and I got distracted doing something else. I am embarrassed to say that, 20 minutes later, he was standing beside me, hands on his hips, scolding me: “You forgot to find me!”

Being lost is tragic, but being lost when no one is looking for you is gut-wrenching.

They are lost. Who is looking for them? It is estimated there are more people living in the countries of Southeast Asia than in all of the rest of the world combined. They are lost. Who is looking for them? Nearly 75 percent of those in our public school system are unchurched. They are lost. Who is looking for them?

According to LifeWay Research, eight out of 10 unchurched and lost Americans would welcome a gospel conversation. Why are we talking ourselves out of starting the conversation? Why don’t we seek out the lost through relationships? Maybe it’s fear. Perhaps busyness is the culprit that robs us of time to have unscheduled conversations. Maybe it’s unbelief that the destiny of our lost friends is eternal separation from God. Most likely, the distractions of our self-absorbed lives keep us from starting the conversation. Whatever the reason, we sit — when we are called to be sent.

IMPACT is an annual conference where we are challenged to make a difference across the street and across the world. This year’s theme is SEND. Join us at IMPACT on Thursday, Feb. 22, at Riverland Hills Baptist Church, as we focus on being part of a sending culture.

Jesus wants you to seek, not hide. Get in the game. The stakes are too high to be distracted. Start seeking!