AU celebrates successful season of Crossroads Summer Camp

Anderson University’s partnership with Clayton King Ministries and its Crossroads Summer Camp continued to bear fruit in 2018, with thousands of campers participating during its five-week run on campus.

All told, 805 people made first-time decisions to follow Jesus during the camp, and 518 responded to a call to ministry. 

“Every single summer, I tell myself that Crossroads Summer Camp can’t get any better, and then the Lord blows me away year after year,” said Justin Brock, executive director of Clayton King Ministries.

“We are thankful that the partnership between AU and CKM can bring the story of hope, salvation, healing and redemption to our campers and leaders.”

More than 4,500 campers participated, representing 135 churches across 11 states, Brock said. 

Camp pastor Clayton King said, “After 23 years of Crossroads Summer Camps, I can honestly say that I’m always amazed but never surprised at how the Holy Spirit calls students to salvation and to the mission of taking the gospel to the world.

“This summer was, without a doubt, the best we’ve ever had, and it wasn’t just because it was our biggest summer ever. It was the quality of ministry, the great partnership with Anderson University, and the spiritual hunger that the students and leaders brought with them to Crossroads that made this year so special.”