Meet ‘Juniper Jupiter, World’s Greatest Juggler’

Cherry Smith, a preschool teacher in Greenwood, has written and illustrated her first book, “Juniper Jupiter: World’s Greatest Juggler,” a delightful tale of an overly ambitious little girl who aims to be the best at everything.

One day, Juniper discovers she has a talent for juggling. She picks up one object after another in her room and tosses them into the air in a whirling orbit of color and shapes. Will it all come crashing down? And if it does, how will Juniper react?

Smith has dreamed of writing and illustrating books since she was a child. She said she is thrilled to share Juniper with the world. She has encountered many children who feel pressured to be the best at everything, and she hopes Juniper will teach children how to feel less stressed through the simple act of doing one thing at a time.

Smith is the daughter of Scott Smith, director of Baptist Collegiate Ministries at Lander University.

“Juniper Jupiter” (Courier Publishing, 2018, $9.95 for softcover, $15.95 for hardcover) is available at, and other online booksellers.

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