Book offers encouragement for fibromyalgia sufferers

David Buie of Greer has released a new book that offers spiritual encouragement for people living with fibromyalgia.

In “Jesus, Fibromyalgia and Me,” Buie, a member of Northwood Baptist Church in Greer, talks candidly about the physical, mental and emotional effects of fibromyalgia.

“Some days this disease gets the best of me no matter what I do,” Buie writes, “and when it does, I trust that Jesus holds my hand through it all.”

Admitting that his affliction once was all-consuming in his life, Buie tells of how he eventually came to see his suffering as a way to draw closer to God. “I have learned that He gracefully carries me through every battle with anxiety, every bout with negative thoughts, and every painful flare,” he writes. “Jesus, Fibromyalgia and Me” is available at and