Ron Blue Center at Anderson to teach financial management

Anderson University recently established the Ron Blue Center, focusing on equipping students, faculty, staff and community leaders with biblically based leadership principles for financial management and stewardship. 

“People of faith believe that everything we have is a gift from God and, thus, we don’t want to waste or mismanage our gifts,” said Evans Whitaker, president of Anderson University. “Instead, we want to ‘steward’ them to even greater value for both God and humanity. Scripture gives us clear principles for handling our finances, yet they are infrequently observed.

“Ron Blue is one of the most respected names in faith-based financial planning in the world,” Whitaker added. “Anderson University is exceedingly proud to partner with the Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning to fill the gap and bring these principles not only to our campus community, but the surrounding region as well.”

Anderson’s Ron Blue Center is affiliated with the Ron Blue Institute, an Indiana-based organization hosted by Indiana Wesleyan University. A resident of Atlanta, Blue has authored more than 20 books on financial management.

“God’s Word speaks authoritatively and timelessly to all financial planning and decision-making, providing us with wisdom for the process and principles for the decision,” said Blue, CEO of the Ron Blue Institute. “Anderson University, as one of the country’s leading private Christian universities, is uniquely equipped to deliver a biblical approach to all aspects of stewarding God’s financial resources.”

The university’s students will be the first beneficiaries of the new Center, beginning in August. Ron Blue materials and principles will be progressively integrated into the core curriculum. Topics will cover a biblical view of money, investing, stewardship, budgeting, debt management, charitable giving, and estate preservation and planning.

“Equipped with true financial wisdom, Anderson University graduates will have yet another advantage as they step into life after college,” Whitaker said.

Anderson University plans to use Ron Blue content in a limited number of business degree programs but will also extend the financial management curriculum to offer professional certifications. Beyond the campus, the university will provide opportunities for churches, local citizens and civic organizations to participate in seminars and certificate courses, both in person and online.