‘Walking with Giants’ recounts lives of strong Asian Christians

Over the course of more than three decades as Southern Baptist missionaries in South and Southeast Asia, Harry and Barbara Bush encountered scores of courageous people of that region who, fully and without hesitation, lifted up the banner of Jesus Christ in their homelands.

Now, in his new book, “Walking with Giants: The New Testament Fleshed Out Through 20 Asian Servants of God” (Courier Publishing, 210 pages, $17.95) Harry T. Bush introduces readers to some of those monumental Christians.

“These spiritual giants come in varied forms and from extremely different backgrounds and terrains,” said Bush, “but they all have one common link: They are totally committed and surrendered to following their Lord Jesus.”

Within the pages of “Walking with Giants,” readers will feel the martyr’s flames of a missionary father and two small sons in rural India and be awed as they see the hand of God turn a Bengal tiger away from an untrained church planter. (That same church planter scattered gospel seeds up and down both sides of a large valley amongst a lost people group.)

Readers will also imagine what it feels like to travel up a river in Borneo, as though going back in time 500 years, and see two young, fearless giants planting churches up and down ancient, spiritually-dark river banks.

Another story introduces a small Indian man, partially blind and missing half of one arm, waving firebrands in front of rampaging elephants to drive them away after they had destroyed his house and village. That same man, by sharing God’s Word and “Jesus’ resurrection power to change lives for eternity,” lifted a handicapped boy into God’s ministry.

“Walking with Giants” includes these and many more examples of how God used “no-name people to bring radical, gospel-changed lives” and new churches to the region, said Bush.

Jerry Rankin, president emeritus of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, said Bush’s book will challenge readers to pursue a “deeper dimension of spiritual growth.”

Just as the Bushes’ lives will never be the same, Rankin said, “neither will yours as you read of the austere lifestyle, demanding travel, and cost of getting the gospel to the ends of the earth.

“Your heart will be broken as you read of suffering and sacrifice; you will yearn to grow in the depth of faith that characterized these giants, and will find yourself praying that, like them, you would be counted worthy to suffer for the sake of Christ and His kingdom.”

“Walking with Giants” is available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other online booksellers.