Whitlock family builds legacy of service at Flat Rock

The Whitlock family of four sisters and a brother at Flat Rock Baptist Church in Liberty has a legacy of teaching and sharing God’s word that totals hundreds of years, when combined with their spouses.

Francis Whitlock served churches with her husband, Charles Hamilin, a pastor for 55 years before retiring. Wanda Whitlock, who married Richard Norton, volunteered in the church nursery for more than 60 years, while he led Royal Ambassadors. Alta Whitlock married Marion Murrell, and she taught 3-to-5-year-olds for more than 25 years while he kept Sunday school attendance records. Ida Whitlock, with her husband, Ralph Nix, has taught 1st-3rd graders for 68 years. Their brother, Jim Whitlock, taught Sunday school for more than 50 years and was an RA leader, and his wife, Zoe Kelley, was a children’s Sunday school teacher for 64 years and has been church organist for 69 years.