Outside the Walls: Make a Memory

“Don’t you let him off the hook!”

My son Connor frantically took command of the reel as the rod bent over into the water. It was our first fishing trip of vacation. My trolling motor had already died, two fishing lines were wrapped around the rear motor, forcing me into shark-infested waters to fix, and the anchor wasn’t cooperating.

We had to change our fishing spot to another, and the move was paying off. Caden grabbed the net just as the shark kicked his tail at the surface of the water before peeling more line off of the reel. The fight was on, and vacation had officially started.

Vacation seems to bring a halt to the regular rhythm of life, and pivots to a new set of experiences even if for a short time. It doesn’t take much money. Growing up, we spent two weeks in an endurance test of sleeping in a pop-up tent in the heat of July at a state park at the beach. What it does take is intentionality to do something out of the ordinary. And when that happens, a long-lasting memory is made.

I don’t remember most of my life. I mean, I can remember big chunks of it, but not really individual days. The older I get, it seems the days get longer and the years get shorter. What typically happens to most people is that they get so comfortable in a regular routine, they blink twice and a year has gone by without any real defining memories.

What if you made the decision today to extend this summer’s vacation? What if you made the decision to switch one of your routines up each week and ask the Lord to open your eyes to fish that needed to be caught?

If you typically go to the same restaurant for coffee each week, switch it up and go to another. Instead of traveling to work down the same road, take a detour and notice the homes that you pass. Do something you have never done before, or take up a hobby that puts you around a different set of people.

Jesus was constantly redirecting people away from the ordinary routine. “Drop your nets … sell everything … we are going through Samaria … follow Me.”

Why? Because there are fish to be caught that aren’t in your current rhythm of life. Unless you shift, not only will your next day most likely be forgotten, but you may not ever encounter someone who needs to hear about the gospel from you.

Caden dipped the net in the water, dropped the shark in the boat, and we celebrated as well as took a few pictures for their Instagram followers. Now, go make a memory!