E.A. McDowell Award nominations due Sept. 20, resolutions due Oct. 11

Deadline for the E.A. McDowell Award for individual service in politics, government and community affairs is Sept. 20. Each nomination should include a detailed listing of the nominee’s qualifications as well as an explanation of the person’s unique contributions.

Full name, address, phone number, and church pastor should be given for the nominee and person making the nomination.

A letter recommending a church for the Impact Your World award with a list of activities and events in which members of the church have been involved over the past year is required. All contact information for the person making the nomination must be included.

Resolutions to be considered for the 2019 South Carolina Baptist Convention are due Oct. 11. All resolutions should include the name of the person making the resolution, address, and the church and pastor’s name.

Email nominations and resolutions to janetclonts@scbaptist.org or mail to 190 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, S.C., 29210-8254.